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The Awakened Brain

Some of you have shared your stories about mystical experiences. Why do these stories feel so good? Why are they so intriguing?

Here is some insight from author Dr. Lisa Miller.

Dr Lisa Miller explains in her book “The Awakened Brain” that we are hard-wired to evolve spiritually. She studied mental illness for years and discovered the power of spirituality - both in her patients, her research, and her own life. If we believe that we are connected, supported, and have meaning and purpose in life, we are less anxious and less depressed. And if we have spirituality in our lives and we do get depressed, we recover faster.

The parts of your brain that are active with spirituality are the same areas of your brain that light up with depression. She points out that especially as a young adult, if we don’t develop spiritually, we are more likely to develop depression with a lack of purpose or meaning.

How do you cultivate a feeling of Awe? Wonder? Oneness?