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Solutions for Active Families


Calling all TODDLER MOMs !   (Can you hear me over all that noise?)

Shoe Horns for Kids Most of us know shoe horns from our grandparents. But guess what?  It’s a shockingly valuable tool for a parent.  How frustrating is it to get out the door with kids?  With a little teaching, you can get your toddlers to use a shoe horn and put shoes on all by themselves.  They are bright, cheery, and make getting out the door less frustrating.  (So your toddler is also bright and cheery!)
Fresh Feet Wipes Seriously, who bathes their kids everyday?  I loved letting my kids run around in the grass with no shoes but then their feet were dirty for nap time.  Introducing Fresh Feet Wipes - refreshing Grapefruit or invigorating Peppermint.  With a little training and excitement, you can get your toddlers to wipe their own feet.  Easy transition from playtime to nap time or bed time.  (Also for gymnastics, dance, karate….)



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