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Pick your Mantra

So, what mantra should you use? 

Traditionally mantras were passed on orally from a guru and kept secret.  Some modern day businesses assign students a personal mantra and ask them to keep it secret.   (I have two friends who did TM decades ago and they still have never told anyone including their husbands!). However, you can self-select a mantra as your own.  Below is a link to some mantra sounds that you can consider using.  Simply pick one.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but avoid picking one that reminds you of some meaning.  Set an intention with your mantra.  If it doesn’t feel good at the beginning, try a different one.   But then as you continue your practice, stick with the same mantra so that your mind and body recognize that this sound indicates it is time to meditate.  


And then just practice.  The benefits will start immediately and increase over time.