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Making time for Contemplation

Contemplation. It is an important part of our wellness. How much time do you take to contemplate?

As you progress on your mediation journey, your inner critic and running mind will start to ease. You will be able to spend time in quiet and find peace. You will be able to explore the wonders of your mind and desires. You will be able to contemplate life, your dreams, your relationships.

It’s important to do the work to get in a good mindset. If you spend time in silence after a big emotional event or negativity, give yourself some time to adjust. Walk in nature and find awe and beauty. In this state relaxed state of mind, your contemplation will be beautiful and magical.

Studies show that contemplation is a crucial part of our mental health. And we are getting less and less of it with all the phones and endless streaming TV. Encourage your kids, family, and friends to take time for contemplation. Carve out for this crucial part of your self-care.

Easy ways to incorporate contemplation in your life -
~In the shower
~During your skin care or hair care routine (think mental hygiene!)
~Driving in the car (while staying attentive)
~Walking outside
~Staring out the window
~Observing art or beauty

This is not going over your to do list. Think bigger, wider, more meaningful in the grand scheme of life. With practice it will help you tune into your intuition.