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Healing Hands

During our class a couple weeks ago, I led a group meditation in which we sent healing and loving energy to one of our fellow meditators who was having surgery that day.   


The next day I heard from her.  She shared this: 

“Interestingly, I felt so light all morning which culminated at 1:44 with a feeling of being lifted by many hands. A very different feeling.  Thank you for your love and support! ❤️❤️❤️”


We had finished our group meditation about 1:44pm.  


How is it possible that she felt it?   


In “The Intention Experiment”, Author Lynne McTaggart delves into this topic.  She shares that Gary Schwartz conduced experiments where he witnessed a coherent photon stream emanating from the hands of healers.  With other research, he concluded that healing intention is well-ordered light. 


As human beings, we are receivers and transmitters of energy.   What coherent signals do you want to send and receive? 


Those of you who are local to Rhode Island, please come be a part of this amazing meditation group!  @synergy.yogari


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