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Flowing life

Your life is like a flowing river.  Once you’ve reached  mid-life, your path is mostly established.  Much of what we do, think, and feel is unconscious habits.  Just like your physical routines, your thoughts, feelings and emotions are habits.  They are wired into your brain.    


Do you see your own emotional patterns?   (It’s easier to identify other people’s….so ask your family or friend if you want some help seeing it.)


The good news is that with neuroplasticity, you can change it.  


However, in order to create your future to be unlike your habits of the past, you can’t just throw some pebbles and expect the flow to change directions.  You might cause some ripples but lasting change takes intention and effort.  If you keep up the work (self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation, compassion, growth, etc), you can throw some boulders in your life, changing the direction of the flow.   And with time, that new direction becomes your new habits and your life is on a positive trajectory that is newly wired into your brain.   


Sometimes we aren’t paying attention to our life lessons and a boulder gets tossed in our way -  a traumatic event or illness.   It’s life saying - Time to change your flow!   Don’t wait for a big event to make you grow.  Start the process now to become the creator of your life.  Resilient and empowered.  


Start by noticing your habits and patterns.  Look inward.