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Cardinals and signs

In class shared my stories about cardinals -
Before my mom died six years ago, she told us she wanted to be reincarnated as a cardinal.  It surprised us - she grew up Catholic but abandoned the church after years of guilt-filled lessons and her acquired feminist values.  So to hear her talk about reincarnation was odd.  We didn't put a lot of belief in it - but then the magic started unfolding.  Both my sister and I started noticing more cardinals in our yards that summer.   As the years passed, more and more cardinals. (Like the one that flew right in front of my windshield driving to my first meditation class at Synergy.) At first you think you are just noticing it more - they were there before and we just started noticing them. But then my dad called me in a hushed voice so his new wife (who had ‘conflict’ with my mom) couldn’t hear. “There are cardinals attacking the house.” “They are pecking at the windows everyday.” A month later he called to tell me the cardinals were pecking at the car in the driveway, too. And no surprise, when the woman was no longer in the picture, the cardinals just came in peace. Sitting on the patio or perched in the trees. After COVID when all my family got together, we had lunch outside surrounded by concrete and one small bush. As we ate together, a cardinal sat in the bush right next to us.

Some of you have shared your stories about mystical experiences like this. Why do these stories feel so good? Why are they so intriguing?