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Why Meditate?

To live your life better.
  •  Regulate your nervous system. (Sympathetic v. Parasympathetic)
  •  Create Heart and Brain Coherence (including Left/Right brain integration)
  •  Manage your emotional state (less negative, more positive)
  •  Access Altered States of Mind (intuition, creativity)
  •  Heal your body with energy flow (chakras)
  •  Tap into your Subconscious (rewire your thoughts and feelings)

Your motivation to meditate may be....
To be less anxious, less depressed.
To have more fulfillment and happiness.
A better job or relationship.
Health and Wellness.
Connection to something greater.

We all have our different reasons, but no matter yours, the scientific benefits are clear.
Not meditating is like not wearing your seatbelt.
Not meditating is like going to work not showering for days.

Start your practice. Be intentional. Be consistent. Give yourself 30 days and you will see a difference in your life. You can do it! We are here to help.