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Tune into the energy you want to feel

Like a radio station, we can tune into the frequency of the feelings we want to feel.   

Last weekend I experienced this with laughter.   During my mediations after the New Year, I chose the word “fun” for 2023.  What does fun look like or feel like?  I started visualizing myself with friends laughing.  Sure enough a week later, I was out to dinner with a group of friends, and laughter erupted and filled the room.   That kind of laughter that is contagious and you can’t not laugh! 


So choose how you want to feel.  Tune into that feeling during your meditations.  Feel the way you would feel now.  And you will bring that frequency into your life. 


(It’s easy to see the opposite - When we are thinking anger and feeling anger, there is always something else to fuel that anger even further.)


What do you want to feel?