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Transmit and Receive

Think about FaceTime - we can see and hear each other but there are no wires connecting us. The information is transmitted and received by technology that we have invented.

Our human bodies are also able to transmit and receive information in the form of energy. But like a bad signal on your cell phone or radio, perhaps the information can only travel with a coherent signal.

How do we create a coherent energy within ourselves? We develop this through meditation. As your body and mind relax, your body becomes harmonious and your heart and brain become coherent. In contrast to the normal incoherence of our busy days with distractions, running thoughts and analysis.

As meditation helps your energy to become more coherent, we are more able to send the “information” for healing and harmony.

While science may not have many studies to prove this, we know the truth when we experience it for ourselves or with those around us. If you are curious to learn more about evidence related to coherence and shared energy, check out HeartMath.

The Science of Coherence