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Meditation Resources

If you are having a hard time being consistent about your meditation, create a chart and check off when (and maybe how long) you meditate.  Tracking your progress can be a good reminder and motivating.  You can also set timers, create calendar appointments, or use sticky notes on mirrors.   Find what works for you.  You are rewiring your brain and that requires time.   The more you can make it a routine, the easier it will be to make the time.   Once you start seeing the benefits from your meditation, it will get easier.
Guided Meditations
Some of you asked about Guided Meditations. There are many guided meditations available with different styles and lengths.  The key is finding ones that you enjoy.  
Here are some resources for you - 
Insight Timer 
10 Percent Happier
Smiling Mind
Mindvalley  (Mindvalley is way more than meditation including many courses on life transformation and it includes my favorite technique - The Silva Method)
Well-known Meditation Teachers:
Deepak Chopra. (Lots on Youtube.)
Dr Joe Dispenza. (His best meditation are sold on his website. There are some you can find that are free, but it’s usually older or pirated. If you want a truly transformational experience, do his Progressive and Intensive Online Course.)
Gabby Bernstein. (She has free meditations on her website.)
Thich Nhat Hanh. (The Plum Village App)
Netflix - search Headspace
Spotify, Apple Music, Alexa…. You can find guided meditations on these services.  You may just have to try different ones to find what you like.