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Meditation Cushions

Hello meditation friends!
It was such a pleasure to have you in my class today (or last week). So many of you returned from last week - I’m proud of you!   Showing up for yourself and your health is a huge step towards wellness and happiness. 
Some people were asking about meditation cushions, so I put together a list of recommendations. 
It’s great to carve out a meditation space in your home - and designate it as that space.  It signals to your body that it’s time to rest, repair, and create.  Your body remembers and you have an easier time getting into the right state of mind and brain waves.   Most people can’t create a space but you can have a designated cushion.  Plus having a comfortable cushion for class is essential!   Please try to bring your own cushion to class, so new people can use mine…I’ll always try to have enough. 
(This is through the affiliate page for my other business, JasmineSeven. Note that I get a tiny commission from this link at no cost to you.)
Most of these come in different colors, but they all have good ratings and I’ve tried a couple of them.  They also have descriptions about posture and benefits.  I found one that has a back rest which I have not tried it, but it looks interesting.  (Ideally you work on your posture and strength to sit upright without a back rest…but that will take some time..and this product seems to be able to do both.)   
Next week I will bring some eye shades to purchase in-person.
Feel free to ask me more questions. 
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be your teacher!  It brings me so much joy.  I’m excited for the magic we will create together.   You are amazing. Thank you!
PS I will send future emails to remind you of your homework and some inspiration.  You’ve got this!  Now do a centering breath.😉