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Mantra Meditation

Mantra’s are “sounds”.
While modern day culture will refer to mantras as phrases like “I am love”, originally mantra’s were sounds (not words with meanings).
In Sanskrit, man = mind, tra = liberator/ vehicle/ release / tool for / agent of
So a mantra is a tool or vehicle for the mind.

As you close your eyes to meditate, you repeat your mantra over and over in your head. If your mantra is “So-Hum”, you say “So” on the inhale and “Hum” on the exhale. As your mind focuses on this sound, it naturally starts to take the mind away from thought. The mantra is a vehicle for the mind to go deeper, beyond thinking.

This creates a deep rest. All you have to do is repeat the mantra and your mind and body will follow. It liberates your mind without the need to control. And you will feel an internal peace and stillness without trying to stop thoughts.

The mind will always think. Imagine your thoughts are an ocean. There are waves on the surface and coastlines, but in the middle in the deep waters, there is stillness. The mantra meditation gets you to that place of depth and stillness. Experiencing inner peace without wrestling with your thoughts. When you have distracting thoughts, simply return to your mantra.

Overtime, you will feel your body and mind entering a meditative state (Alpha brain wave). As you become familiar with this feeling, you will be able to stop repeating your mantra while staying in this state of mind.

(Follow along and I'll share sample mantras you can use.)

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