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Happiness is a choice

This can be a hard one.

We are so wired to react with certain emotions. Our emotional states are habits. They’ve been wired into our brains.
But you are not a victim to your emotions. You have the CHOICE to choose another emotion. But it takes intention and practice.

For example, it’s not easy changing the wiring in your brain that thinks and feels BLAH each Monday. But with intention and practice, you can turn Mondays into Happy days. Does it happen right away? Usually not. But if you do the work, and stay conscious of your thoughts and choose new thoughts (even if it seems fake at first!), you will rewire your brain (neuroplasticity) and it will get easier and easier until Happy Mondays are a habit.

Is happiness a choice?
Yes - It is up to you to intentionally choose happiness. You are not a victim to your life. You have the power to create your life. And that includes your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Seek out happiness. It’s your choice.