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Guide to the Chakras

guide to the chakras



I know. 

I understand. Wisdom, Awareness, Consciousness, Spirituality, Knowledge, Fulfillment.


third eye

I see. 

Intuition, Clarity, Insight, Beyond Physical. Open to others ideas. Learn from experience. Emotional intelligence.



I express. I speak. 

Communication (speak and receive the truth), Listening and being heard, Voicing needs. Following one’s dreams.



I love. 

Love (giving and receiving), Compassion, Connection to oneself and others.


solar plexus

I can. I do. 

Personal Power, Empowerment, Being an individual, Self-esteem, Life Purpose.



I feel. 

Creativity, Desires, Emotions, Pleasure, Sexuality, Passion. Intimacy, Relationships, Money, Ethics, Honor.



I am. 

Safety, Security. Connected to nature. Human instinct for survival. Feeling supported and connected to family or tribe. Solid foundation.






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